Which extension appeals to you?

These are the most common extensions at VSCode that may be useful for you

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Almost every Web-Developer knows what VSCode is and why is it so important to use its extensions, they help us to debug our code, make it more readable and prettier, and just add more useful features to our workspace

Of course, there’s not every useful extension, however, I have added 13 extensions without which I just can’t live

1. Auto Close Tag

It’s one of the most important extensions, As you may have noticed from the title, it automatically adds a close tag that you wanted to write. You don’t need any command to activate this extension

Best Chrome Extensions

These Extensions are the most common and the most useful

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Chrome is the most famous browser in our world and of course, it has many extensions which you can easily download into your browser and use. Some of them are just for your better productivity and for better using your browser, and some of them are really useful for every web developer because they have amazing features that simplify the web layout process a hundred times. I tried to find the best of the best among countless extensions and to show these 8

1. WhatFont

the easiest way to find fonts on a website is WhatFont. Everything that you need is to…

VSCode Extensions

These incredibly good extensions will help with any kind of problem and just make your workflow more comfortable

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VSCode is one of the most popular and recognizable IDE for actually every programming language and in my own opinion — is the best. I tried to find the best extensions from many thousands and to show them to you. Some of them will help you with debugging your code, some of them will add many useful features and some of them will just make your code prettier and readable.

1. Beautify

If you write your code right after the earlier without any spaces and tabs or maybe on the contrary write too many tabs that your code make bigger and bigger…

Neural Networks

Many of these Neural Networks have really amazing functionality and may be useful or just funny for you

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A neural network is an adaptive system that can change its internal structure based on incoming information. today neural networks help actively create new technologies and develop existing ones. They are actively used for machine vision (autopilots on cars), generating random faces or sounds, improving image or video quality, and even generate logos and names for your business

I tried to find the most useful of them and present them to you


One of the most popular neural networks and one of the most useful too. How you may have noticed from the title it remove the background of your…

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